• 51Socialising (+ CD-ROM) , David King (2005)
    Aims to help learners of Business English to develop the skills and language needed to establish and build effective social relationships with business partners 1739 руб

  • 52Organizational Behavior , Don Hellriegel, John W. Slocum (2008)
    Using the most unique approach to organizational behavior today, Hellriegel/Slocum's ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, 13E equips readers to become high performance managers in today's business world. Readers… 10659.6 руб

  • 53Academic Skills Series: Group Work (2013)
    Through practical exercises and real-life case studies students will learn from this guide how to form effective groups, assign roles, establish rules, and deal with difficult group situations. It… 1514 руб

  • 54Pocket Commando Dad , Neil Sinclair (2012)
    In your hand is an indispensable pocket-sized training manual for new dads. Written by ex-Commando and father of three, Neil Sinclair, this no-nonsense guide will teach you how to: prepare base camp… 769 руб

  • 55The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow , Джером Клапка Джером
    "Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow" is a collection of humorous and entertaining essays written by popular English humorist Jerome K. Jerome. It was the author’s second published book and it helped… руб электронная книга

  • 56Chi's Sweet Home: Volume 7 , Kanata Konami (2011)
    Eventually every kitten must set forth to mark their own trail and establish their own territory. And when that time comes, they must understand the risks that the world may present. Dealing with the… 459.5 руб

  • 57Islam&Politics in the Modern Middle East (2001)
    The recent resurgence of Islam in the Middle East is a far more complex phenomenon than is often suggested by those analyses which reduce recent developments in the area to no more than an… 1200 руб

  • 58Metal supply&sales 2012 , Отсутствует (2012)
    In the special edition of the“Metal Supply&Sales” magazine you will find the analysis of current situation in Russian ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy in the context of global production; in… 169 руб электронная книга

  • 59Metal supply&sales 2010 , Отсутствует (2010)
    According to the statistics, each magazine is being read by 15 person, so 8 thousand copies are being read by 120,000 people. Over 100 thousand industry representatives from all around the world will… 169 руб электронная книга

  • 60Mental Disorders in Epilepsy , Kazakovtsev B. A. (2015)
    The monograph shows the opportunity to study the pathogenesis of mental disorders in epilepsy based on the characteristics of its flow using clinical methods, structural dynamic, epidemiological and… 838 руб